For me, Jill has been an incredible resource, support and coach throughout our relationship. Her expertise and knowledge (yes, “knowledge and expertise for some may be an oxymoron, but I feel knowledge is what you know, expertise is what you do/have done ) and Jill offers both. I have worked and studied with some of the best actors, singers, choreographers and directors in Canada, England and the US, and Jill has helped me prepare for auditions and has helped me throughout rehearsals where I have had difficulties and needed someone outside the process to clarify and give perspective.

She has been there for me; sharing her talent and expertise with wit, joy and understanding.

She is demanding of what is required for each client regarding the needs of each audition or project, but ALWAYS with a joy and exuberance for where your journey is taking you! And I think (if I may be so presumptuous to write for her fine self) where it takes her as well!!

I can do nothing but feel secure that whoever comes in contact with this lovely coach, teacher and resource will experience the growth, challenge and successes that I have!

Mark Burgess
Actor, Director

"Jill is a talented, inspiring teacher with the wit and skill to rival anyone I've met or worked with in the professional music industry. Before taking classes with Jill, I was having trouble with vocal fatigue halfway through shows. After a couple of lessons, I understood that habits I had develpoed that were hindering and tiring my performance. Jill showed me simple techniques to protect my voice, as well as bring out tons and textures in my voice that I never knew I had! Controlling and developing the gifts and talents each artist has been blessed with is more important than the talents themselves, and Jill helped me to realize my abilities and express them in a way I never thought possible. She is wonderful!"

Josh Novel (Gypsy)
Singer - These Kids Wear Crowns

I contacted Jill, because after giving birth to my first child I was struck by baby brain, meaning I was having difficulty coming up with the words to express myself. Jill taught me ear training, voice training and confidence in my musicality, and the gift of her lessons was truly the best for my brain. You can work out your body and read many books, but if you are not feeding the brain with music it's not getting the circulation needed to create new pathways for your brain to stay healthy.

On a personal note Jill is an amazing light to be around. Her heart is huge. Her smile infectious. I am so happy to have met her so I could continue to heal with such an enjoyable craftswoman.

Carrie Anne Fleming

A lesson with Jill is always something I look forward to. Her environment is uplifting, inspiring and challenging. I always feel supported in trying something new and stepping into unfamiliar territory. Thank you for welcoming me into this wonderful new world of singing!

Amy Oyinloye

I have known Jill Samycia in her capacity as a choir instructor and piano teacher for close to four years. Jill has become a core teacher in our program and has a wonderful, enthusiastic approach to everything she does. Jill is a very popular teacher with our young students and youth. She uses her many gifts to draw the students out and helps them to express their creative potential and to challenge themselves to approach their singing and playing with confidence and skill.

Jill's passion for her role at the Saint James Music Academy has harnessed her enormous energy and enthusiasm as an advocate and supporter of the very important work of social transformation through the power and love of music. Jill's generosity of spirit is an inspiration to those around her and her dedication and commitment to the young people in our program has played a very important role in modelling to them the joy and exuberance of music making.

Kathy Walker

My lessons with Jill are without a doubt the highlight of my week! In the past 4 years that I have been taking lessons with Jill I have become confident in my voice and I have seen significant improvements in my singing abilities. Jill has supported me through all of my decisions and goes out of her way to help me to achieve my goals. Recently I made the decision to apply to music school for my Undergraduate degree and Jill has been more than willing to share with me her experiences of applying to music school as well as helping me to prepare for auditions and coaching me through this process. Jill is truly a one of a kind music teacher and friend and I would recommend her without a moments hesitation.

- Chya Mogerman