Jill strives to help people understand the human voice as an instrument that involves using the whole body. She has developed a unique style for cultivating the potential of her students. Her goal is to safely strengthen the voice, extend its range, improve vowel placement, intonation and resonance. This allows for greater range and control of expression, and for one's emotions to naturally come through when singing or speaking. By working on breathing, posture and physiology she ensures that the students powerful and connected vocal sound is both natural and unique to him/her.

Jill sees singing as an act of enjoyment and release, and she works to create a relaxed, nurturing, and non-judgmental environment. She encourages her students to create a repertoire selected from their own musical interests, and will often recommend suitably challenging songs to work on, to further their artistic development. In more advanced training, Jill will instruct students on the performance aspects of singing and public speaking, such as style and presentation, tonality and interpretation. As a working musician, Jill understands the exhilaration and pressures of public performance. She aims to teach and mentor so that students will become competent and confident in any situation.

Jill's technique encompasses both classical and contemporary voice training forms, yet she incorporates elements from several modern methodologies as the context dictates. Prospective students will understand that the healthy development of their voice is a process, and true satisfaction is found in gradual and consistent improvement.

Areas to Explore

Vocal Technique
Posture, Proper Support, Breathing, Register Blending, Building Your Range, Control of Vibrato & Resonance, Easy High Notes, Power, Vocal Harmonies, Vocal Beauty, Speech Improvement, Innovation in Belting and Commercial Voice, Accent Reduction, Voice-Over Coaching, Cold Reading

Vocal Style
Precision and Authenticity in Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Belting, Operetta, Opera, and Stage & Screen

Gesture, Choreography, Anxiety Reduction, Charisma Enhancement, Lyric Interpretation, Audition Preparation, Mic Technique for Live Stage Work

Vocal Health
Anatomy, Rehab, Voice Preservation for Touring Professionals, '8 Shows a Week' Protocol