Meet Jill
In 1999 I received my ARTC in Piano, followed in 2004 by a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in vocal performance and theatre arts.

I have been teaching privately for the past 13 years and absolutely love my job!

At my studio in downtown Vancouver, I offer private lessons in voice, diction and piano. I have taught male and female students of all ages and I’ve instructed amateurs, as well as professional singers and actors. As no two students are alike, I structure my lessons based on your ability, requirements and goals. I have an extensive knowledge of all genres of music and I look forward to helping you choose an appropriate style of music to study. Whether it be for enjoyment, a performance, recital or audition----- I welcome you!

Three afternoons per week I teach voice, choir and piano at the St James Music Academy, a free after-school program for children in Vancouver’s Lower Eastside.

Through intensive private instruction your musical skills will improve more rapidly as will your confidence. It is my intention to share my love of music with you, and to motivate and inspire you to excel.