Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well, and holding up during this difficult time.

I am starting to do one on one lessons again from my studio in East Vancouver, but the online lessons have been going extremely well for some students, and I am happy to keep this option open for those wanting to continue virtually.

For those students that are wanting to come back in person for an hour private lesson, please inquire about pricing as it is not the same as online.

Below are the 2 learning options online, but as you know I'm always open to cater to my student's personal needs and abilities. Please send me any requests you might have that vary from the options below.


-This will run exactly like our normal tne on one lessons
-I will email you a warm up before the start of lesson (MP3)
-You will need to play the warmup/backing tracks on your own devices at home (this is just for better sound quality)
-You can also record the lesson on any device on your end
-We can work on whatever you wish (ie: Ear Training, Technique, Repertoire)
-Any song or exercises that we work on in the lesson will be emailed to you as an MP3
-I will be watching you warm up, giving notes as needed
-I can detect strain, tension, breathiness, etc. every bit as effectively as an in-person lesson
-Last 5 minutes we will talk about homework, any last questions or concerns


--Same as above but shorter, so specific focus (examples: working on technique / breathing or ear training / drilling a song you need help with)
-You will be asked to warm-up before the lesson

25 Years of Experience to Help You Achieve Your True Musical Potential

Beginner Sessions

You are an athlete of the singing world! You will learn how to train, warm up and work out your voice in order to develop technique, stamina, and artistry.

Jill tailors each session to an individual's needs. Lessons include techniques in grounding, relaxation, resonance, and breathing exercises in a positive, fun and encouraging environment.

Advanced Sessions

Take your skilled voice to the next level. Fine tune your technique, or prepare for your next audition or gig. Your work with Jill will be all about putting your performance elements together including:

    • Song choice & development
    • Stage presence & patter
    • Mic technique & phrasing
    • Harmonies & backup vocals

Demo & EP Consultations

Perfect your demo before you put it out to your fans, label, and managers. Jill will provide you with concrete tools to overcome technical obstacles and find a sound that you and your band will like!

Fine tune your pitches and breathing. Add more energy and power to your vocals. Eliminate bad vocal habits that can hinder your career. Jill's affordable service will get you studio-ready, helping you avoid expensive studio fees.

Online Lessons


Cancellation Policy

Your hour lesson has been reserved exclusively for you. If 24 hours notice is not given to reschedule or cancel you will be charged the full lesson fee. No exceptions.